The Probate Court has jurisdiction over Marriage Licenses, Estates of Deceased Persons, Guardianships and Conservatorships of Incapacitated Persons, Settlements for Minors and Wrongful Deaths, and Involuntary Commitments of Mentally Ill and/or Chemically Dependent Persons.

The Probate Court is not authorized to give legal advice. For legal advice pertaining to estate matters, please contact an attorney. 

To reduce the number of customers in the Probate Court at once, we are currently requiring that you make an appointment to meet with us. We kindly ask that you limit the number of visitors in your party to a maximum of two (one visitor preferred for estates). For an appointment, please call the office at 803-874-3514 option #5 in the phone tree. 

  • Issuing Marriage LicensePlease complete online application. At least 24 hours after completing the online application, the couple must come to the the court together to sign the official application and pay $45.00 (Cash or check only).  Marriage license will be issued at that time. 

  • Copy of Marriage License-  Mail request that includes bride and groom's names and date of marriage along with $5.00 to Calhoun County Probate Court-  902 FR Huff Drive, St. Matthews, SC 29135.  The certified copy will be mailed to you. 

  • Filing of Wills/ Estate Openings For a full estate, you may complete the online application.  This information will be used to generate the proper legal documents. Please call the court after you submit the online application to set up an appointment to meet with us to be appointed as Personal Representative. 

  • Small Estate Proceedings-  Small estates are estates in which the decedent did not possess (even in part) any land, and his/her assets value less than $25,000.00.  To open a small estate 30 days must have passed since death.  Small estates may be opened by completing the online application.  Please call the court after you submit the online application to set up an appointment to meet with us to complete the process.



Office Hours


Due to COVID19, we are accepting visitors by appointment only. All probate services are available online or by email. 

You may call the office at 803-874-3514,

email us (

or use the "Contact Us" link above.  

We will get back to you VERY quickly, and do our best to meet your needs during this difficult time. 

(803) 874-3514

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