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Court Fees:

Calhoun County Probate Court can only accept Cash, Checks, or Money Orders. We do not have the capability to accept credit/debit cards.

Marriage licenses $45.00   

Certified copy of marriage license$ 5.00

Reforming or correcting Marriage Record$6.75

Petition and order filing fee$150.00

Petition and order appointing guardian ad Litem $2.00

Hearing a petition to sell real estate in aid of assets $150.00 filing fee

Photostat copies, including certifying Photostat copy to be mailed $0.50 per page ($1.00 minimum)

Research fee $10.00

Demand for notice $5.00


Advertising (Notice to Creditors) Fee $30.00


Creditors' Claim $10.00

Filing and indexing of estates from other counties and states In state (certified copies): $20.00;

     Out of State (certified copies) : $20.00.

Issuing exemplified copies $20.00

Subsequent administration, successor personal representative, special or temporary fiduciary$22.50

Reopen due to Rule 4, subsequent administration plus order $22.50 + $70.00 (Total $92.50)

Probate Fees:

Due within 90 days of opening the estate. This fee is based upon the value of the assets owned by the decedent (real and personal property). Below is the fee schedule:

Property Valuation (Real and Personal)

  • Property valuation less than $5,000.00 -----------------------------------------------$25.00

  • Property valuation of $5,000.00 but less than $20,000.00----------------------------$45.00

  • Property valuation of $20,000.00 but less than $60,000.00--------------------------$67.50

  • Property valuation of $60,000.00 but less than 100,000.00--------------------------$95.00

  • Property valuation of $100,000.00 but less than $600,000.00-----------------------$95.00                                 Plus .0015  of the property valuation between $100,000.00 and $600,000.00

  • Property valuation of $600,000.00 and above---- $845.00 on the 1st $600,000.00, plus .0025 in                       excess of $600,000.00

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